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Kwasman offers to forgo lobbyist contributions (access required)

Republican Rep. Adam Kwasman, who is campaigning against House Speaker Andy Tobin in the Republican primary election in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, is willing to forgo contributions from lobbyists during the legislative session if Tobin will do the same, said Kwasman’s campaign manager, Chris DeRose.

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Being average not an option for U.S. students facing competitive global economy

Results from the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, were released earlier this week. The survey is conducted every three years to assess the extent to which 15-year-olds in countries around the world can apply the knowledge they have gained and the skills they have acquired to real-world problems. The results should be concerning for all of us.

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Proposals for fixing CPS emerge (access required)


Authorities search for new ideas in the face of an ongoing crisis

Some lawmakers say Child Protective Services needs more money. Others say it should become its own agency, separate from the Department of Economic Security. Another cautions against “reactionary legislation” that won’t really solve anything.

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CPS oversight panel hears from the trenches

Most of the social workers, former CPS caseworkers, foster parents and non-profit heads who spoke at last night’s CPS community forum said more money is the solution to what ails CPS and its sister agencies, and many thought it should go towards child abuse prevention.

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