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Failed Arpaio recall cost organizers $453,000

Critics of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio spent all of the $453,000 they raised last year in their unsuccessful bid to force a recall election against the lawman.

Respect Arizona, a group that led the recall effort, got 80 percent of its money from another group that had organized a successful recall effort against then-Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce in 2011.

The recall effort launched against Arpaio ended without its organizers handing in signatures.

Recall organizers faced difficulties in raising money and relied more on volunteers rather than paid professionals to gather signatures from voters.

Arpaio, by comparison, raised $3.5 million in campaign contributions over the last year.

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  1. It was the best money we’ve spent. At least, WE can say we did everything we could to oust a tyrant, as Arizona continues sinking into its deepening hole of corruption. Those who remain silent are complicit and do so at their own peril.


    Joe Arpaio’s Bread and Circuses on Blast in Randy Murray’s The Joe Show

    “The deaths are a result of the MCSO’s infamous “culture of cruelty,” a notion that Arpaio henchwoman Allen ridicules throughout the documentary.
    Scheduled to run on the Investigation Discovery cable channel this fall, the film covers a lot of ground in its one hour and 40 minutes, including Arpaio’s probe of Obama’s birth certificate (which Joe admits to his handlers is a way to pull in campaign donations), and the 2012 election cycle, from which Arpaio escapes with barely more than 50 percent of the vote.

    It ends with the MCSO’s becoming subject to the oversight of a court-appointed monitor thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union’s big racial-profiling lawsuit Melendres v. Arpaio.

    Not that any ol’ monitor’s going to stop Joe’s big show.

    “I have to say the media, in their own way, [have] created me,” Arpaio notes at one point.
    “They created me. You wanna say created a monster? To them, it probably is.”

    Joe’s correct, only I’d amend his observation to include the public, especially those who vote, because without them, he might be playing parcheesi somewhere with fellow gray-heads, living out his days on his federal pension.

    Instead, both the media and the electorate got the monster they wanted.

    And were it not for the suffering of innocents, I’d say it was the monster they deserved.”

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