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Senate approves bill banning female circumcision

The Arizona Senate has approved a bill outlawing female genital mutilation that’s known as female circumcision.

The Senate unanimously approved the bill on Monday. The bill bars genital mutilation on girls under 18 and would make a first-time violation and conviction punishable by five to 14 years in prison and a minimum $25,000 fine.

Bill sponsor Republican Sen. Judy Burges of Sun City West says female genital mutilation is a problem that’s beginning to appear in the United States.

The bill will now go the House of Representatives.

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  1. It’s illegal to cut off a girl’s prepuce, or to make any incision on a girl’s genitals, even if no tissue is removed, and even if the parents think it’s their religious right or obligation. Even a pinprick is banned.

    Why don’t boys get the same protection? Everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want parts of their genitals cut off. It’s *their* body. It’s not like it can’t wait. The USA and Israel are the only two countries in the world where more than half of baby boys are circumcised. Other countries circumcise males, but usually not till anywhere from the age of seven to late puberty or adolescence. Only about 10% of the world’s circumcised men were circumcised as infants.

  2. What a waste of time. Forced genital cutting is ALREADY illegal for 94% of the world’s females.

    MALES need equal protection from forced genital cutting. Circumcision alters sex dramatically. Foreskin feels REALLY good.

  3. Where is the outrage? No protection for infant boys? What is wrong with America?

    Men who were mutilated are too scared to face the truth of what happened to them.

  4. Sent. Burges needs a history lesson. Female genital mutilation has been in the US since at least the 1800’s, when doctors were promoting it for various “health reasons.” Banned federally in the 1990’s.

    Why does her sexist bill ignore the much larger problem of mutilation of boys? What about intersex children? Why should only girls be protected??

    Not surprising I guess given some of the recent bills from AZ.

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