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Arizona Legislature debating bills but not voting

BillsThe Arizona Legislature is apparently paying attention to Gov. Jan Brewer’s message that she won’t sign any bills until she sees a budget she can approve on her desk.

The House on Thursday is set to debate 13 bills but hasn’t scheduled votes on any of them. The Senate is set to debate five bills and also hasn’t scheduled votes. Wednesday’s action followed the same game plan.

All the bills have already passed the other chamber, so a passing vote would trigger their transmittal to the governor.

But with Brewer sending a message this week as a budget package remains stalled legislative leaders are apparently not chancing a veto by doing that.

Brewer’s spokesman says the state’s immediate priority is a budget and that’s what she wants to sign first.

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  1. We are outraged at the Rep. Kavanagh’s 11th hour $900,000 for the private prisons (GEO), as if he controls the Appropriations budget as his own pocketbook. We demand an investigation he and Senator Shooter ($50,000,000 budget approved for a new Super Max prison, Arizona does not need) activities behind closed doors without public input or dialog. Shooter told the public attending the Super Marx Prison budget, that we could not speak / testify or sign into the kiosk. The public has a right to know what’s going on. Both should be ousted out of office in zero tolerance Arizona, laws they make for “others” than themselves.

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