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Board to review Arizona universities’ student fees

gThe board that oversees Arizona’s state university system plans to take a look at fees that students pay in addition to tuition.

Those fees can add up.

At the University of Arizona, the technology fee alone is $480 a year, while the health and recreation fee is $300. Voluntary fees also are part of the picture, including ones for parking and for using credit or debit cards to pay tuition and fees.

Regents President Eileen Klein told The Arizona Republic that the board wants to take a hard look this summer at all the fees being charged to see how they advance student learning.

“(We have to) make sure we don’t lose students, or drive them elsewhere, if they can’t afford the fees associated with classes,” Klein said.

Some fees are subject to regents’ approval, but others are at the discretion of each university.

The regents have no comprehensive list of all the fees, but Klein wants the universities to periodically list all those they charge.

A University of Arizona student, Tiffany Lee, who pays more than $1,000 in fees annually, is fed up and has started an online protest petition.

“It just kind of seemed unnecessary,” she said of the fee to use a credit or debit card. It would cost her an additional $264 a year if she put the full cost of her tuition and fees — $10,581 — on a card over the next school year.

The regents recently approved 36 new or increased program fees and seven new or increased class fees. The change is expected to bring in an additional $10 million.

That estimate doesn’t include Arizona State University’s $150 per-student mandatory athletic fee, which is expected to raise $10 million a year for athletics.

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  1. How about the outrageous fees skimmed off the top of student loan money, purportedly for administering those loans, when “administering” involves no more than processing electronic funds transfers and the schools earn huge sums of interest off those monies prior to disbursement? “Higher education” in Arizona is a for-profit endeavor and at the extreme expense of our future generations. The Board of Regents is hardly an objective, innocent bystander in this scam. There needs to be independent over site of these institutions- accreditation based not just on the quality of education but on the ethics of the institution. Indeed! ASU is so consumed with profit-making the quality of education provided there- always less than the best- has declined significantly since the “New American University” ideal came to be pursued.

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