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Arizona judge won’t clarify ruling on marijuana

extract-620A Maricopa County Superior Court judge has decided against clarifying the quantity of medical marijuana extracts that a patient can have under the state’s medical marijuana law.

Judge Katherine Cooper ruled March 21 in a case involving a 5-year-old Mesa boy with debilitating seizures that the law allows qualifying patients to use marijuana extracts.

Prosecutors then asked Cooper to clarify whether the law’s quantity limit of 2.5 ounces per two weeks applies to the amount of extract from 2.5 ounces of marijuana or to 2.5 liquid ounces of extract.

Prosecutors said police will need to know whether an amount of extract is legal.

However, Cooper says there’s no dispute for her to rule on because the amount of extract used by the Mesa boy is legal under either interpretation.


  1. The judge is right in not getting into the equivalent issue of how much marijuana is used to make the oil since the oil is CBD not THC as is found in a marijuana plant producing a “high.” Thousands of people with seizures and other illnesses are being treated successfully with CBD when commercial pharmaceuticals have had no or adverse effects on these same pataients. CBD has limited to no THC and it’s insane to equate the two. It’s also pathetic to even class CBD oil as marijuana, just as it’s ridiculous to ban the growing of hemp for paper and other commercial uses since it is not the same type of “hemp” as marijuana and contains no actual THC properties. You can buy regular hemp seeds in any market along with other healthful nuts and seeds.

  2. Medical marijuana is a natural herbal medicine that really works. The reason that Judge Cooper failed to clarify Montgomery’s request is that the law clearly indicates that concentrates are to treated as usable marijuana. Drug War insanity causes cops to act like doctors and to try to make medical decisions for others. It causes prosecutors like Montgomery to look for delusional or otherwise hidden meanings in clearly written voter initiatives. Montgomery, Kavanaugh, and Yee are greedy, arrogant and mean spirited individuals that would rather lock up medical marijuana patients in Arizona’s private prisons than to allow them to receive the best available treatment. It is both uncivilized and barbaric to deny a medicine to anyone who can be helped. None of these individuals are native Arizonans and they do not represent the values of the majority who have lived here all their lives. While they continue to chase patients these disingenuous people ignore real problems that kill Arizonans every day. In Arizona NOW more people are killed by prescription drug overdoses than by traffic accidents. Cannabis has never in the entire history of man killed by overdose. When Montgomery, Kavanagh, and Yee attempt to criminalize what are otherwise legal actions , the rest of us are bound to suffer and some will die due to their inaction to real problems.

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