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Pearce, progressivism and my party’s future

US flag constitution

The recent comments regarding forced birth control made by Russell Pearce, while certainly unacceptable and wholly inappropriate, uncover a fascinating insight into the nature, philosophical underpinnings and outlook of modern day conservatism and the Republican Party’s future.

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Switzer’s Stores

Walter Switzer Jr. and Grace Switzer with Eva Mae and Walter Switzer Sr. at the opening of the Park Central Switzer’s store in 1954.

This 1954 photo of the opening of Switzer’s Department Store in Park Central Mall (on Phoenix’s Central Avenue near Thomas Road) captures the moment when the small town that Phoenix had been in the first half of the 20th century began its transformation into today’s decentralized urban megalopolis.

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House chairmanship scuttlebutt

One source close to Gowan told our reporter this morning (Sept. 12) that, although Ugenti made a strong pitch for approps chair, Gowan has no intention of giving her the reins of the committee. “I can guarantee with 110 percent certainty that Ugenti will not be approps chair,” the source said.

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Federal court rules Arizona must recognize widower’s gay marriage


A federal judge this afternoon ordered the state to issue a death certificate for George Martinez that lists Fred McQuire as his legal spouse. Judge John Sedwick rejected arguments by attorneys for state that the “public interest” would be harmed by requiring Arizona to recognize the pair were legally married in July in California. Martinez died a month later.

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