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Can you really open a ballot envelope using a microwave?

Can you open a ballot envelope using a microwave? from Arizona Capitol Times Video on Vimeo.

The Arizona Capitol Times investigates an oft-repeated rumor that people could commit voter fraud by opening a ballot using a microwave and a bowl of water. Does it work?


  1. That 12 minutes would have been better spent cleaning the microwave! Even if they were to get the envelope open, it is an extremely ineffective way of influencing the vote. This was always about limiting access to voting and not about ‘voter fraud’.

  2. The SoS office should not only clean up their act, but they should clean up that microwave

  3. karen.loschiavo

    Very impressed, have you all considered a career in science? Maybe a future mythbusters episode?

  4. Use a clothes iron and a dry towel and run the iron over the towel directly on top of the glue. Simple, quick, and effective. That microwave method is stupid and whoever told you that is stupid.

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