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Government-spending websites prevent waste, abuse; Arizona excels

As taxpayers in Arizona, our hard-earned money contributes to a wide range of items – employee salaries, health care, education, public safety, office supplies. The list goes on and on. While reasonable people may disagree on how our taxpayer dollars should be spent, we should all be able to agree that public accountability can help to ...

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What Arizona’s charter school revolution has taught us is that educational approaches can be as diverse as the ever-changing needs of Arizona’s students. And thanks to our governor and state Legislature, those diverse needs are being served. It would be a shame for parents and students if the charter school revolution came to an end because a handful of anti-charter advocates managed to convince an even smaller group of reporters that Arizona neither needs nor deserves choice in education. After all, if charter schools were not doing a good job overall, why are so many students flocking to them?