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Trump intimidates AZ GOP delegation into silence on China


It’s crickets here in Arizona.

Remember 10 years ago when Barack Obama congratulated Communists on the 60th anniversary of its success in China?

Remember how our Republican congressmen and senators went ballistic? The late Sen. John McCain even introduced a condemnation of Obama?

Mike McClellan

Mike McClellan

Of course you don’t. Because it didn’t happen. None of it.

But it did on October — by President Trump.

Here’s his tweet:  “Congratulations to President Xi and the Chinese people on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!”

And from our Arizona Republicans?  Crickets.

So let’s review what this party that has controlled China for 70 years has accomplished:

Millions of their own people murdered.

Millions of their own people sent to “re-education camps.”

Thousands of American soldiers killed and wounded in Korea and Vietnam.

Christians and most recently, Uighurs, repressed and in many cases, murdered.

State-controlled media that churns out nothing but propaganda.

Intellectual property theft on a massive scale.

That is the country that President Trump just congratulated.

And the reaction from our self-described patriots in our Republican delegation?

Rep. Andy Biggs?  Nothing.

Rep. Schweikert?  Silence.

Rep. Lesko?  Zip.

Rep.Paul Gosar?  Not a word.

Sen. Martha McSally?  Are you kidding?

So the five Republican congressional members from Arizona say nothing about our president congratulating a country whose system is antithetical to everything they and we in America believe in.  And they represent a party whose history has been to condemn communism in the strongest terms, to lead the fight against that putrid ideology.

Yet silence now.  Why?

We all know why. Fear. The fear of President Trump. The fear that the president told author Bob Woodward is his most powerful tool.

It has worked on our Republican delegation, at least. They have tacitly decided that Congress is not, in fact, a coequal branch of the government. Instead, they have not just put party over country, they have put Trump over country.

All out of fear. They are so frightened that they won’t even take President Trump to task for his absurd, outrageous tweet celebrating one of the most brutally repressive regimes in the past 70 years.

What a sad, tragic transformation.

Mike McClellan is a retired English teacher and lives in Gilbert.


  1. bradley taylor hudson

    Good call. This article addresses a dangerous situation in the U.S. today. But … it may be changing soon. As Trump looks weaker, Republicans are beginning speak up. Still, this does not fix the problem of how to hold our values above politics.

  2. trump was vile and disgusting as a private citizen and he’s more so now. IMPEACH!

    Sadly his base will stand by him no matter what.

    There just can be no way in hell that he is reelected.

  3. It is easy to sit back and criticize, in this case, the Republican members of the Arizona delegation to Congress. This issue is serious enough to the author that he exercised his right to speak out on his perception of the problem. Agree, silence can be read as assent. However, since he also clearly had the opportunity to at least call the offices of these alleged offenders and include their reasoning or lack thereof he greatly limited the information necessary to draw a reasoned conclusion. One sided arguments hold one hostage through a lack of information and seems to lead in the direction of a desired conclusion which is a tactic of the misinformation/disinformation group so active in the business of public information. To the inquiring mind this approach leaves more questions unanswered than answered and diminishes the strength of the statement.

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