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Don’t dismantle tech companies


Dear Editor:

With trillions of dollars being spent on buoying American small businesses, its workers, and the country’s coronavirus efforts, it is more important than ever that we prioritize how we spend our taxpayer dollars. As a lifelong conservative, I have always been concerned with how my taxpayer dollars are spent on both the federal and local levels, and that remains as true as ever with local budgets being slashed due to rising unemployment and declining tax revenue.

A recent survey conducted by the National Taxpayers found that 69% of Arizona voters believed that spending tax dollars to investigate tech companies is just a minor priority or not one at all. After further research, I was alarmed to discover that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is among the attorneys general pursuing antitrust investigations against tech companies. These investigations come at a time when tech companies have extended a helping hand to those in need and have assisted small businesses with the transition from physical retail stores to an online platform. Despite us becoming more reliant than ever on tech, Brnovich is trying to dismantle it. To me, it seems like the attorney general’s priorities are misplaced, and that he should be working with tech to secure our economic future, not squandering taxpayer dollars on frivolous pursuits.

Emilie K. Dunaway

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