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Help make Arizona better for all

The people who most directly impact daily life in Arizona are meeting again. The Arizona Legislature has started their 2022 session. Republicans have a razor-thin one vote majority in both chambers and have used this to control what bills are proposed and passed. Last year, instead of seeking bipartisan support to their most extremist bills, they packed them into the “must pass” budget bill. Since then, a unanimous decision by the Arizona Supreme Court has declared this practice unconstitutional.

This year, more normal legislative processes must be followed.  If we want to see our water shortages, crumbling roads and underfunded public education addressed, we all need to pay attention to what our legislators are doing. You can find your legislator at, and let them know what matters to you by email, phone or using Arizona’s unique “Request to Speak” system to comment online about pending legislation.

Let your legislators know you want to make Arizona better by having legislation that benefit all constituents, not just those who are members of the legislator’s political party. Together, we can make Arizona Better.


Eileen Hollowell

Oro Valley

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