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Biden ignores border crisis

 Dear Editor:

Can Biden supporters defend why illegal immigrants are permitted to board American planes with no ID other than their latest arrest warrant? It’s one aspect of a border policy, er, uh, crisis our vice-president was assigned to correct but ignores. Can they explain why they want their ballot nullified by non-citizens, even tourists, who can vote in many states without ID. Or, more wickedly, why they support amplifying a deadly threat to America’s children?
All fair questions, the latter fueled by one word: fentanyl. This synthetic opioid is the deadliest drug in the U. S., fifty times more powerful than heroin. China produces it, with most illegal variants entering America through Mexico. Do educated suburban moms who giddily voted for Biden care how many pounds of fentanyl pour through a border Biden stopped walling off, some destined for their child’s school? Just two milligrams of this cartel staple can be lethal. One kilo can potentially kill 500,000. Ah, but not children of educated suburban moms, right? Surely, they’re safe.
While it’s responsible and right to do all we can—without troop involvement—to aid Ukraine in its fight for sovereignty, it’s immoral to covertly enable (secret overnight flights) the destructive invasion that corrodes ours.
My inner optimist says most Biden supporters don’t yet recognize the ultimate risk from radical left policies of power-drunk politicians, guarded by media and tech giants. My darker angel says too many already know but won’t fight, not even for their child’s liberty and safety.

Robert Szypulski
Pittsburgh, PA

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