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New legislation is ugly 

Dear Editor:

We need Arizona citizens to realize that legislative decisions are being made today that will have a harmful impact on our state. The bills and propositions being considered for passage by Arizona’s party in power are beyond comprehension. 

A very loud and vocal element of our government wants to initiate laws that are disastrous to teachers, students, and public education. Perpetuating the false information that CRT (Critical Race Theory) is part of the teaching curriculum needs to be stopped. Voter suppression laws that will destroy our democracy are dangerous. Add unfavorable tax bills and gun laws to this list.  

Why is the Legislature not focused on Arizona’s water problem which is a huge concern, a fair and comprehensive immigration policy instead of building a wall not favored by a majority, finding a solution to combat costly prescription drugs and extending health care needs along with promoting affordable housing?  Extremism in Arizona is the norm rather than the exception. Arizonians need to be aware of the horrific legislation being promoted by our state government. 

Joanie Rose, Scottsdale 


One comment

  1. I must agree with Joanie Rose, i do not know what good all these bills to destroy democracy that so many of the elected officials are proposing, they must not listen to news or read any newspapers as we have freeways that people can drive as fast as they want and intimidate everybody else, we have pedestrians being mowed down in the streets frequently. Does anybody go to work on any bills to make anything better?
    Maybe putting speed cameras back on the freeways and using the fines for supporting Public Education would save lives and children’s education. IF some of these ” legislators ” were working a private job, they would be fired for not doing their jobs, as of the time they spend on 2020 nonsense instead of making AZ a better place to live. The state is becoming a place impossible to live for people who have been evicted as of high rent increases and housing costs that are escalating daily so maybe some of these legislators could care about human, real issues, instead of what they can destroy. There are REAL problems here, WATER, ELECTRICITY COSTS, HOUSING COSTS, TRAFFIC ISSUES, HOMELESS NESS. Some of the proposed bills are so juvenile I actually laugh and then cry to think such incompetent people are in charge. Only we can change that unless they are successful in destroying our voting rights.

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