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Renewable energy bills piling up (access required)

Advocates in the Legislature are making a push to lower residents’ utility rates, attract businesses to Arizona and ease the burden on the state’s power grid with a series of bills aimed at promoting renewable energy.Peoria Republican Rep. Tom Boone ...

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The cost of (access required)

A story headlined “Locking ’Em Up — But is the Cost Too High?” in the March 20 edition of the Arizona Capitol Times raised an important question. And the answer is simple: Yes, it is.The Arizona Legislature should reinstate parole, ...

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The Legislature created its own disaster (access required)

Imagine Scottsdale’s entire population was struck with a natural disaster. We would rush to their aid immediately. We would marshal the resources of the state, community organizations and the faith community, like we did with Katrina refugees, even in the ...

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Falling behind schedule (access required)

So far, the Legislature has passed one bill, dealing with the fiscal 2009 budget, during the 2009 regular session. All non-budget bills are on hold in the Senate.A cursory review of bills passed since 2000 showed that some have been ...

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Gutier will go back to former job (access required)

Alberto Gutier will return to his role as director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety according to a story in the March 25 edition of the Yellow Sheet Report.Gutier served as the director of the department from 1995 to ...

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