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Preserving Arizona’s remaining rivers, streams, springs (access required)

(Photo by Ellen O'Brien)

For those of us that do not follow the intricacies of water policy, we are left asking basic questions, such as how to deal with drought and climate change? How do we manage growth and economic development opportunities sustainably to support future generations? And importantly, how can we ensure that Arizona’s last remaining rivers, streams, and springs are preserved, not just for future generations, but right now, for all?

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It’s simple, really: Arizona’s economy is tied to water (access required)

(Photo by Ellen O'Brien/Arizona Capitol Times)

Many of us take our water supply for granted, yet as water becomes scarcer it is more important than ever to be clear who speaks for the diverse interests and people of Arizona. Efforts are moving forward to avert a potential crisis for Arizona due to the declining reservoir levels on the Colorado River – these are very important to manage water scarcity in the short term.

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‘Institute’ report reads like hit piece, charter schools well regulated, transparent


I was disappointed to read that a loosely organized “institute” of former elected officials and politicians released a report – not on how to help all schools improve – but, rather, singling out charter schools for unfounded criticism. The report is riddled with errors and inconsistencies, and drips with sarcasm. Suffice to say, it reads more like a campaign hit-piece than a scholarly analysis.

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Legal, but unethical – most charter schools use public funds for questionable transactions


A majority of Arizona’s charter schools spend taxpayer dollars on non-competitive business arrangements with for-profit businesses that are owned by the charter holder, board members, or their relatives. Grand Canyon Institute’s research found that 77 percent of charter schools engage in ‘related-party transactions’ in a manner that is not in the best interests of Arizona’s students, parents and taxpayers.

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Cassidy-Graham bill will harm Arizonans

Money and stethoscope to illustrate the cost of health care

A last ditch effort authored by U.S. Sens. Bill Cassidy, M.D., R-Louisiana, and Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, would deal a devastating blow to vulnerable patients in Arizona. Millions of Americans would lose their health insurance coverage, Medicaid funding would be ...

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