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Time to restore fairness in the App marketplace (access required)

As this issue heats up, Arizona’s congressional delegation should help ensure fairness for app developers of all sizes by addressing some of the more flagrant anti-competitive restrictions and regulations that Apple uses to maintain its dominance in the marketplace. Doing so would help spur innovation and drive growth across the tech sector.

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Electricity grid not ready for EV revolution

California’s rolling blackouts last year, followed by the Texas grid catastrophe in February — and now the threat of blackouts across the Western U.S. this summer — are a wakeup call. We need a grid we can count on. Ensuring we do means properly valuing the dispatchable, reliable generating capacity we already have.

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PRO Act hurts workers, threatens economic recovery

All the PRO Act would do is help union leaders increase membership numbers by infringing on the rights of employees as well as employers. Taking away employee choice on whether to join a union, how much a union takes out of their paycheck, what happens to their private data, and whether they even have a job is not the answer.

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Where Arizonans agree, leaders should follow

Seven in ten Arizonans are proud to call this state home. And three in four Arizonans are willing to speak with others who hold different views in order to work through issues. This is a wonderful foundation on which to come together to create change.

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