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AZ lawmakers hint at what’s in store for 2014 (access required)


One lawmaker will be targeting aggressive panhandling and “vexatious’’ litigants.  Another has his sights set on people who aim lasers at airplanes. Two legislators hope to make the roads a safer place for bicyclists and pedestrians. Though relatively few legislators have ...

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Republican candidates could benefit from their support of Medicaid (access required)

When asked how his vote for Medicaid expansion could threaten his chances at another term in the Arizona Legislature, Senate Majority Leader John McComish points to an Arizona Capitol Times newspaper hanging in a frame behind his desk “The risk of defiance,” the headline reads. “What will GOP senators’ ‘no’ votes on immigration bills cost them?”

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Legislature finishes annual session (access required)

Bleary eyed Arizona lawmakers took final votes on a slew of bills late Thursday evening and early Friday morning as they wrapped up the Legislature’s annual regular session.

The often contentious session that lasted nearly six months ended as most do, with some laughs and somewhat delirious attempts to continue following procedure and to sine die, which came at 12:59 a.m. June 14, the 151st day of the session.

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