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Montenegro resigns to run (access required)

The resignation triggers the appointment process for his seat in LD13. Two candidates, Brent Backus and Trey Terry, have already filed to run for the LD13 Senate seat. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the Dec. ...

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Just because Montenegro has moved on… (access required)

With Montenegro out of the secretary of state’s race, Reagan is at least temporarily without a primary challenger, and Republican National Committeewoman and former Sen. Lori Klein Corbin is considering filling the void. To read more on this item plus ...

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What a difference a few days can make (access required)

At Mesnard and Yarbrough’s request, Legislative Council today weighed in on when lawmakers’ terms expire, and the conclusion is that legislators who run in the CD8 special election won’t have to resign. To read more on this item plus all ...

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A committee of one, no more (access required)

After the Capitol Times reported that the Joint Legislative Income Tax Credit Review Committee hadn’t met since 2015, in part because of a lack of interest, Mesnard and Yarbrough each appointed five members to the committee. To read more on this item ...

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Don’t quit your day job yet (access required)

Greg Stanton told a group of labor leaders that he’s holding off on resigning as Phoenix mayor in case Sinema has second thoughts about her US Senate campaign and decides to run for re-election in CD9 instead, an attendee of ...

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The list is getting longer (access required)

Eight male Republican lawmakers have added their names to a letter sent to Mesnard last week calling for Ugenti-Rita to be removed as chair of House ways-means and for Rios to be removed as minority leader. To read more on ...

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