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Martinez says Rios had affair with House staffer (access required)

Martinez filed an ethics complaint against Rios on Tuesday, claiming that she had an inappropriate relationship with a staffer. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the November 15 Yellow Sheet Report, go to www.yellowsheetreport.com (Yellow Sheet Subscription Required). To subscribe ...

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You give a little, you get a little (access required)

Mesnard said he’s open to a “grand bargain” between the electorate and state legislators to make changes to the initiative and referendum process in Arizona, as well as to the Voter Protection Act. To read more on this item plus ...

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Mesnard sidelines Shooter in approps (access required)

Following multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Shooter, Mesnard has suspended him from his duties as chairman of House appro. Shooter has not been removed from the committee. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the ...

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House is looking at multiple investigations (access required)

There’s no set number of investigations the House is conducting at this point, Mesnard told our reporter Thursday morning, as the situation is fluid with new reports of sexual harassment, including a report by the Capitol Times Wednesday afternoon detailing accusations from ...

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