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Independents aren’t treated fairly – but should still vote

At a time when many Americans are concerned about the health of our election system, our coalition formed to provide information about how Arizona’s voting system currently operates and to study alternative nonpartisan primary structures that could make our government more efficient, fairer, less divisive, and more responsive to the needs of ALL Arizona voters. 

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Adult students need more financial support

Education changes lives. It changes families. And it changes communities. But college is expensive. We must support more students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to pursue a college education. We must invest in programs that get people out of poverty by helping them grow.

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State needs rules for exempt water wells

Many other states license both well drillers and pump installers for a more complete management of what is possibly a state’s most precious resource, groundwater. It's a shame that a trade association had to take matters into their own hands to get essential information about the equipped water well and how it performs. Perhaps it’s time for the state of Arizona to step up and do as other states have done, get involved in the sale and transfer of real estate served by water wells.

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Solar industry needs swift decision on looming tariffs

solar power, Arizona Corporation Commission, APS, energy, savings

While this threat has been damaging in the short term, there is hope that the Biden administration will do the right thing and support a decision that fosters continued growth in the solar industry. The solar industry needs a negative determination on the Commerce Department’s investigation to consider tariffs as soon as possible to regain certainty in the market.

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