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CPS crisis can lead us to a stronger, safer Arizona

When children are at risk, we all have two basic responsibilities. We’ve got to strengthen families, so we can prevent abuse or neglect whenever possible. And, when abuse or neglect happens, we must take swift but thoughtful actions that give kids the best possible chance to grow up in a safe and loving permanent family. Today, we are failing. But we can do better.

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Child Protective Services chaos presents a great opportunity for Arizona

CPS in Arizona is in greater crisis and chaos than any time in memory. A perfect storm of recessionary budget cutbacks, historical neglect, increasing referrals, neglected cases and backlog, an out-of-control foster care caseload, and chaotic management have put thousands of children at risk, left families without support, and created an unprecedented crisis for Arizona’s vulnerable children without any clear vision or immediate resolution in sight.

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Arizona speaks: Treat immigrants humanely and reform the system now

While we spend millions of dollars to invite people from around the world to enjoy our climate and our hospitality, the message we send is quite different when it comes to immigration and those who make their way into this state in a desperate effort to feed and care for their families. Focusing exclusively on border security postpones the search for long-term, comprehensive solutions to our broken immigration system and places millions across this country in a state of limbo.

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