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Taxing sugary beverages lowers consumption, improves public health

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It should come as no surprise that the February 23 guest commentary, “Taxpayers shouldn’t feel bubbly about taxing sugary beverages” by Thomas Aiello, was penned by a Washington D.C. lobbyist, not someone with expertise in public health who is watching the state Legislature preemptively push back on local control in a reactive versus proactive manner.

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Misleading House resolution would gut Clean Elections

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If there’s one thing virtually all voters agree on, it’s that money has too much influence on our politics while people’s voices have too little. HCR 2007 is just another step toward empowering the wealthiest interests to control our state. As it heads to the Senate, legislators should stop and think about whether they want to side with the voters, or join a stealth assault on this popular anti-corruption program.

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Politicians should stop invading our privacy and reject SB1394


The state of Arizona has already laid out a better path to decreasing the abortion rate – expansion of health care, and making excellent contraceptives available to more women. That is the patient-centered, evidence-based model we endorse, and one the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists would like to see duplicated in every state.

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