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To Test or Not To Test?

As an initial matter, one thing is clear: the importance of diagnostic testing in epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response cannot be overstated. Robust testing with quick results is vital to identify potentially infectious carriers of the virus, many of whom may not have symptoms but can spread the disease to others by simply talking or breathing.

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Arizona still has a chance to rein in “policing for profit”

Civil asset forfeiture reforms were derailed in the state House less than a month ago. Whatever excuses proffered by the opponents of reform no longer hold up against the stark reality of today. Those who opposed SB 1556 now have the opportunity to do the right thing and correct their mistake. And there’s no question it was a mistake—we all know better now.

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Era of the knee on our neck must end

America has to come together. What happened to Mr. Floyd has to stop. The era of the knee on the neck of people of color must end. Only when criminals, on either side of the protests, are held accountable will our nation advance toward a more perfect union.

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Economic pain of COVID-19 increases need for school finance reform

As Arizona's schools adapt to online instruction and try to figure out their short-term plans, the coronavirus-related disruptions on the state's education system have only just begun. The COVID-19 pandemic's negative impacts on the economy and tax revenues are going to cause major shortfalls in school district and state budgets, which will make it increasingly crucial for Arizona to pivot toward a more equitable and flexible school funding system that better utilizes every education dollar.

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