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Arizona’s doctor shortage harms health care, economy


The Arizona Legislature is considering Senate Bill 1354 to alleviate the state’s health care workforce shortage. The bill provides support for five programs — Graduate Medical Education, the University of Arizona Medical School, primary care provider loan repayment, medical student loan repayments, and nurse training. All of these programs will move the needle on the shortage.

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Utility regulators must have wisdom of Solomon, spirit of Edison

power lines az electricity 620

Electricity is among the most political of commodities, and everyone has her favored form of power, with a constellation of advocates to promote it. Too often, wishful thinking masquerades as fact and political sloganeering substitutes for intellectually rigorous policy analysis. Utility regulators have a challenging set of responsibilities as they sift among the claims of these competing interests.

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Congress needs to take new approach to protect Internet

Hacker using laptop. Hacking the Internet.

Congress should codify the basic tenets of net neutrality – a concept with which virtually no one disagrees – without imposing outdated Title II provisions on ISPs. But perhaps more importantly, Congress should pass privacy regulations that govern all Internet companies, including social media platforms, online search engines, content distributors and service providers. Unfortunately, the Save the Internet Act fails on both fronts. It’s time for Congress to scrap this ill-advised approach and start at square one.

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Easter offends the overly-sensitive, but not the Constitution (access required)


Reasonable people can of course differ on whether or in what manner our officials should acknowledge religious holidays and traditions in their public comments. But not every political dispute is a constitutional question, and such disagreements are best addressed through the democratic means of discussion and debate – not unilaterally settled by unelected judges.

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Vacation bill doesn’t go far enough (access required)


I’ve seen colleagues grow from scrappy startups to thriving companies, but I’ve also seen communities hit by scandals and heartbreaks. I want newcomers to know that they are welcome in the vacation rental market, but that we need to share standards of excellence to ensure the continuing success of our industry. Our local governments need to make better rules so that we can all set the bar higher.

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