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We must extend dignity to pregnant women in prison now

The birth of a child is a special moment to be celebrated – this should be true even for women behind bars. Yet current Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry policies humiliate and endanger incarcerated mothers and their unborn children. If we are genuinely seeking rehabilitation for these women, we must ensure they receive quality care for themselves and the innocent children they are carrying.

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Sinema not securing the right to vote

Sinema has the opportunity to persevere and help us take that step this time. We cannot, however, move forward as a state, as a country, or as a democracy so long as Sinema defends this Jim Crow relic that is the filibuster more zealously than she does her own constituents’ right to vote.

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Faulty thinking on guns

It seems like the public should be engaging in a moral calculation rather than the political or philosophical calculations used by so many. Do we want to do something, or are we content to be done-in by gun violence?

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SB1082 provides contraceptive help

The Arizona section of the American College of OB/GYNs strongly endorses this legislation, as does a bipartisan group of legislators. Introduced by Republican Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, SB1082 is currently awaiting it’s turn in the House Rules Committee. We call on our Legislature to pass it. It would be a huge win for Arizona women, and for all of us.

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Statehood for D.C.

Arizona’s senators have the power to extend voting rights, congressional representation, and statehood to the 712,000 residents of Washington D.C. this year. Just as veterans and servicemembers live here in Arizona, tens of thousands of us live in our nation’s capital — and they’re depending on you, Senator Sinema and Senator Kelly, to honor their service and do the right thing.

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Fann acting like a child

She is saying that if your party doesn’t win, do anything legal or not to reverse the outcome. Are Arizona voters really in step with this trend? It has been said many times during this fiasco, there may be no democracy in the next election. Watch out!

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Make paid leave part of economic recovery

This is an opportunity to support small businesses — to make it easier for people like me in Arizona and all over the country to start small businesses that thrive, and to make caring for our families possible, too. It’s win/win, and so no wonder 70% of small business owners support it. When something’s win/win, that’s where you put your money. Let’s get paid leave passed now.

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