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We can generate clean energy while protecting our natural beauty

Like most elected officials, I’ve had to balance demands from diverse constituents over the years. No one ever seems completely satisfied, but I always tried to find policies that served the public need and were cost-effective. Of course, it is best when policies enjoy broad popular support, an especially difficult task in today’s polarized politics.

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Please, no tombstones for community newspapers

The decline and death of so many national publications, including newspapers, prompts me to submit the following. Those who will suffer from the demise of print media are not publishers or advertisers. Those who will suffer the most substantially are readers — consumers of news and opinion content of publications.

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The 4 big worries facing the U.S. economy

We’re in the midst of one of the most critical presidential and congressional elections in recent history — certainly the most important since 1980. Of course, we have heard and will continue to hear a great deal about the importance ...

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