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Integrated health care works in Arizona


At its core, our partnerships with Mercy Maricopa and Mercy Care Plan underscore the power of population health. But we must never forget that our population is made up of individuals – people who want to feel better and have the confidence in their ability to manage their health so they can live their life. By collaborating with other healthcare stakeholders and taking a personalized approach to patient care, we have taken a good step forward to help Arizonans take control of their health while achieving better outcomes and a lower cost of care.

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Our broken mental health system – with specificity


Arizona has laws that could prevent such shootings. However, the laws are not followed by the agencies charged with executing them. Our system has the capacity to handle these screenings within 48 hours but because of custom and long misguided standards, it does not. The result is that people do not get the treatment they need and they, and our communities are harmed.

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SB1452 would hurt the children it is meant to help


Real solutions require reducing the number or children taken away needlessly, often when family poverty is confused with neglect and providing high quality services, including drug treatment, to speed reunification. That will give DCS time to focus on finding children in real danger and, when necessary, move swiftly to seek termination of parental rights.

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Senate bill would shine light on reasons for abortions


As a professional medical association of over 4,000 obstetrician/gynecologists and other reproductive health care professionals, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists urges Arizona lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 1394, and find out the real effects of elective abortion on the women of Arizona.

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Let’s unpack the debate of local control, it deserves scrutiny


For the most part, the proponents of “local control” for cities and counties hang their hat on the explanation that the superior government is always the one closer to the people. This argument it is rarely explored, explained, or expounded upon further than a convenient slogan meant to excuse government overreach and conflate the idea of federalism with granting more power to local government.

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The work ahead for Arizona’s water future

(Photo by Ellen O'Brien)

Reaching a lasting accord on these challenges is not done by one group working the process alone, but by all of us working together to eliminate uncertainty and strengthen our state’s negotiating posture as we prepare to meet the demands of growth.

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