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Legislature must support proposal to ban ‘conversion therapy’


Conversion therapy of minors is currently illegal in 15 states, protecting only 40 percent of the U.S. population, and is not sanctioned by mainstream mental health organizations. Our children are born perfect, and Arizona has the duty to protect each one, joining these states to stop this disgraceful practice. Our legislators have the opportunity today to defend Arizona’s children by supporting Senate Bill 1047 and we must call on them to do so. Protect our children now – ask your representatives to represent you, and every child in Arizona.

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America’s future: Restore good to achieve great

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Remember, it took generations upon generations of hard work, bravery, determination and grit from those willing to work together for the greater good of society. In this way, America belongs to them, not self-serving thought leaders and politicians. Most importantly, let’s not forget why America was able to become a great nation in the first place — there were a lot more people holding out their hands asking how they could help others instead of asking who could help them.

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Legislative inaction could lead to bankruptcy for small cities

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The Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is on track to bankrupt Bisbee and Prescott and adversely affect larger cities. Obligatory payments to PSPRS have drained money from cities’ budgets resulting in reductions in basic services such as police and fire protection, garbage collection, and wastewater treatment.

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Stop Throwing Rocks at Self-Driving Cars


Our attacks on Waymo vehicles, not our forward-looking regulatory policy, have garnered national attention, making us seem almost barbaric – fighting technological change tooth and nail. Rather than fight against a developing technology for growing in our backyard, we should fight for it, setting an example for the rest of the nation and moving us one step closer to perfecting this life-saving technology.

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How we proceed on justice innovation matters

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There is room for continuous improvement and a better criminal justice system. Prosecutors often lead the way. But let us take our cues from our own history, facts and experiences. And from the testimony of our own people. And from our own blessed landscapes. We have more than enough resources to get us where we need to go on the journey of innovation in criminal justice.

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