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The Global Fragility Act of 2019 a path to better world order


Arizona Senator Martha McSally supported the bill as a Representative, voting yes on the Global Fragility and Violence Reduction Act of 2018. As a former veteran and a fiscal conservative, McSally has firsthand experience of the human cost of global instability and an understanding of its disastrous impact on the national debt and the global economy.

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Online school allows family to focus on son’s health


My son Drew was just two years old when his doctors diagnosed him with a very rare form of cardiomyopathy. He was in desperate need of a heart transplant. You can imagine how scared we were, but we were fortunate to find a perfect matching heart for Drew. Eight years later, in spite of a few setbacks, he is doing incredibly well.

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If we build it they will come, but they are already here.


We are now in an age of climate refugees and a large corporations coming to Phoenix because we don't have a lot of the severe natural disasters destroying our City like floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, mudslides, earthquakes, and drought. We are going to continue to be a magnet for people and businesses relocating even though it is getting hotter here than ever before.

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