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Bribery case part of cancerous trend in political prosecutions


There is a rot spreading through the nation’s criminal justice system, and federal investigators and prosecutors in Arizona are showing symptoms of the disease. Prosecutors nationwide are bringing extraordinarily aggressive cases against Americans engaged in the political process, and federal prosecutors in Phoenix have recently concluded — and lost, due to a hung jury followed by a dismissal — a trial in which they accused four American citizens of a conspiracy to bribe a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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Signature fraud stories sound like ‘really dumb crooks’


The investigation to reveal all this looks very different than what is being described in terms of scrutiny of these signatures. It should start with a simple phone call to a sample of the voters to see if they signed the petition and, where were they when they signed, cross referenced against others on the same sheet. They should sample the bottom five signatures on each page separately from the first five signatures, particularly on full pages or perhaps only on full pages.

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A flat-tax raises more revenue than tax on the rich (access required)

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Arizona needs higher taxes to properly fund education for its current and growing population by adopting a sustainable and reliable taxation policy that is fair and balanced. Many voters favor taxing themselves more to increase funding for education and do not want to receive handouts from the wealthy. It would be a shame if voters reluctantly support #InvestInEd because they weren’t given a choice to vote for my alternative income tax proposal.

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Nearly half of eligible voters in Arizona don’t cast ballots

Vote concept; handdrawn ballot box on a green chalkboard

The issue of voting is complex, challenging and confounding. But with the report identifying certain gaps in the electorate, it is hoped that opportunities will surface as ways to collectively address Arizona’s voting crisis in a concerted effort to enhance a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people.

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