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Tucson (access required)

Tucson honor student and Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Ignacio Bonillas. Ignacio Bonillas was born in Mexico in 1858. Neither of his parents knew how to read, but when Ignacio was 12 his family moved to Tucson. His father ...

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Downtown Page in 1958 (access required)

Downtown Page, 1958. If a clever photo editor removed the 1955 Cadillac, the “Parking Area” sign, and the Firestone store’s prominent display of tubeless tires and shiny bicycles, the image could easily be mistaken for a late 19th century mining ...

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Picturing the Grand Canyon (access required)

Jack Hiller photograph looking from atop the 3,000 foot-high cliffs of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Note: There is a man sitting on the edge of the cliff on the upper left hand side of the picture. In ...

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Doomed footsteps: Lewis Wolfley (access required)

Governor Lewis Wolfley had the distinction of being the first resident of the Arizona Territory to become territorial governor. He also, probably, had the most unusual death associated with a former Arizona governor. Lewis Wolfley was born in Philadelphia on ...

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The civilized Johnson mining camp (access required)

Johnson Camp in the Dragoon Mountains, circa 1915. Among the myriad mining towns which dotted Arizona’s territorial map, Johnson is one of the least written about. The reason is simple: its history does not fit neatly among the stereotypical hell ...

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The Eight-Hour Day (access required)

Contingent of Arizona Rangers that eventually restored order at Clifton-Morenci. The Arizona Territorial 22nd Legislative Assembly passed an eight-hour law in 1903. The law required underground miners to work no more than eight hours a day. The miners had been ...

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