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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2393-2479 (access required)

H 2393 SPECIAL EDUCATION; SURROGATE PARENTS The Department of Education, instead of the court, appoints surrogate parents to represent a child in decisions about special education. Foster parents meeting federal criteria are considered parents for special education purposes. First Sponsor: ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2480-2577 (access required)

H 2480 PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION; CHARTER SCHOOLS Property and building leased to a charter school is exempt from property tax if the school is organized as a 501(c)(3) corporation and is registered with the state as a charter school. First ...

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Bill Summaries — HCM 2001-HCR 2034 (access required)

HCM 2001 URGE ENACTMENT; DEPARTMENT OF PEACE The Legislature asks Congress to enact legislation establishing a Department of Peace and Nonviolence to “aid our communities in reducing violence.” First Sponsor: Rep. Lujan Other Sponsors: Rep. Anderson, Gallardo, Sinema ARS Titles ...

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Bill Summaries — SENATE S 1006-1109 (access required)

S 1006 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS; ADOT RECORDS Persons protected by an order of protection or by an injunction against harassment and victims of domestic violence or stalking are added to the list of persons (currently peace officers, prosecutors and code ...

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2 bills would raid rainy day fund (access required)

At least two bills are now pending in the Senate seeking to take a total of $649 million out of the rainy day fund, virtually emptying the fund. Both measures reflect Republicans’ preference to use available cash when funding projects, ...

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