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Architecture licenses aren’t on the agenda (access required)

Ducey spokesman Daniel Scarpinato said the governor’s office has never considered eliminating occupational licensing requirements for architects, despite a New Times cover story that delves deeply into the possibility that Ducey will do just that. To read more on this ...

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There’s no time like the present (access required)

In drafting a policy on sexual harassment, House leadership and staff essentially copped to a problem at the chamber: There previously was no written policy To read more on this item plus all the stories in the October 31 Yellow Sheet ...

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Local education agencies are not amused (access required)

School districts and charter schools are still looking for answers in the wake of reports that the Dept of Education misallocated millions in federal funding for low-income students. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the ...

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It seemed like a good idea at the time (access required)

Many political observers viewed Flake’s decision to not seek re-election as a gut shot to Sinema, who now faces the likely prospect of running against a much stronger Republican opponent next November. To read more on this item plus all ...

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