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Martha’s wingman (access required)

Had Green Party candidate Angela Green actually dropped out of the race, rather than half-heartedly withdrawing after it was too late to matter, Sinema would likely be leading right now rather than trailing by nearly a percentage point. To read ...

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We’ll know tonight (access required)

A surge in Democratic early ballots in the last few days led pollster Mike Noble to go back to the field for another survey on the US Senate race. To read more on this item plus all the stories in ...

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I, Maria (access required)

With her victory in the LD23 Senate race all but assured, Ugenti-Rita took some time Friday to weigh in another campaign. “Syms is the Tonya Harding of the AZ legislature,” she wrote this morning on Twitter. To read more on ...

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AZGOP snubs Syms (access required)

Arizona’s Republican leaders continued their trend of subtle digs at Syms with a mailer, paid for by the Arizona Republican Party, that lists a slate of “AZGOP Approved” candidates, including the statewide candidates, and LD28 Republicans Brophy McGee and Kathy ...

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Blue wave swells to minus 10 points (access required)

Democrats gained a full percentage point between yesterday and today’s early ballots, leading the secretary of state’s Garrett Archer to say the last three reports have been “brutal” to the GOP. To read more on this item plus all the ...

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