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Nothing to see here (access required)

The Attorney General’s Office closed its investigation into whether former Rep. Todd Clodfelter was illegally lobbying on behalf of a cosmetology association he and his wife founded – though they didn’t disagree he was lobbying. To read more on this ...

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Corp Comm rides to the rescue (access required)

The Corporation Commission today adopted new emergency rules to ban power companies from cutting off electricity during the summer months, with some tweaks to the original proposal to better protect ratepayers struggling to pay high summer bills. To read more ...

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But we love circuses (access required)

Shope doesn’t believe Stringer is entitled to a full-blown Ethics Committee hearing where he can defend himself before any potential action to expel him, and the Ethics Committee chair wants to avoid that kind of “circus,” he told our reporter.

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That’s a whole lot of lawbreakers (access required)

The Attorney General’s Office found that a slew of public officials violated the law prohibiting the use of public resources to influence an election after a host of small town and county officials pushed APS-backed resolutions opposing Prop 127, and Tobin sent a press release to that effect.

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