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There’s a better way to do this (access required)

The Dept of Health Services last month received a long-awaited study on the potential benefits of consolidating health-related boards and commissions under its authority, though it remains to be seen what the agency or the Ducey administration will do with ...

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Stanton for something in 2018 (access required)

It’s unclear whether Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton will run for CD9, US Senate, governor, secretary of state, something else or nothing at all next year, but that’s not stopping him from working the spotlight while he makes that decision To ...

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A new name and a fresh start for Axiom (access required)

Axiom Public Affairs is no more. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the June 21 Yellow Sheet Report, go to www.yellowsheetreport.com (Yellow Sheet Subscription Required). To subscribe to the Yellow Sheet Report, where you’ll find the inside scoop on the Capitol, ...

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Friese watches and waits (access required)

Like many other Arizona Democrats, Friese is waiting to see what Ann Kirkpatrick and Sinema’s campaign plans are for 2018. But Friese has more of a vested interest than most of his compatriots. To read more on this item plus ...

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Come on in for a test drive today (access required)

Multiple unsuccessful attempts to pass legislation that would allow Tesla to directly sell its electric cars to consumers in Arizona turned out to be unnecessary. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the June 15 Yellow Sheet ...

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