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DCS gets two thumbs down at JLBC hearing

Lawmakers this afternoon voiced their displeasure with the progress, or lack thereof, at DCS in the tenure of Director Greg McKay. At a JLBC hearing, lawmakers cast a bipartisan vote to accept a DCS report on the agency’s progress towards benchmarks set for the first quarter of FY2016 with an “unfavorable review.”

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One more time, with feeling

Biggs, E. Farnsworth and Peterson today announced their plans to defund Planned Parenthood facilities in the wake of renewed calls here and nationally to put a financial squeeze on the organization. In a news release, the trio said they would sponsor the legislation in 2016. However, the lawmakers didn’t specify how.

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Signed sealed and argued over (access required)

The Legislative Council met yesterday to adopt its analysis of Prop 123, the K-12 settlement deal that will appear in May’s special election, and the point of contention was whether the election’s publicity pamphlet should include the fact that the ...

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Is the other shoe about to drop? (access required)

As previously noted, Brnovich’s decision to seek Bitter Smith’s ouster from the commission stemmed from a complaint that attorney Tom Ryan filed against the commissioner. But what’s not included in Brnovich’s Nov. 30 petition to the court is a key ...

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