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This time there are no secrets (access required)

Pinnacle West, APS’s parent company, is diving into the Corp Comm race. The company is funding an IE group to support GOP candidates Bob Burns, Boyd Dunn and Andy Tobin. To read more on this item plus all the stories ...

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Mitchell still gunning for speaker (access required)

Mitchell hasn’t given up on taking the speakership, though Republicans seem to have mostly given up on him. On a radio interview this week with Yuma radio station KCYK, Mitchell told host Russ Clark that it ain’t over yet. To ...

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Hillary country?

As Trump’s poll numbers slide, one question has come roaring back into the spotlight: Could Arizona vote for a Democrat 20 years after Bill Clinton won the state?

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Donald Trump’s women problem (access required)

As Fivethirtyeight’s Nate Silver noted yesterday, a wide chasm exists between men and women voters’ support for Trump and Clinton (LINK), while many expect Trump’s remarks in the 2005 video to only drive more women to the Democratic nominee. There ...

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