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Police educate, not coerce, enforcing stay-at-home order (access required)

Blue flashing sirens of police car during the roadblock in the city

Some of the state’s largest police departments have received hundreds of calls relating to potential violations of the state’s now-extended stay-at-home order in the past month, but all have taken a hands-off approach to enforcement, according to a review of records from several departments and interviews with their representatives.

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Ducey extends ‘modified’ stay-at-home order until May 15 (access required)

Gov. Doug Ducey discusses COVID-19 and the state's response at a press conference last week. (Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer)

As part of Ducey’s phased approach, he will allow retail stores to voluntarily reopen on May 4, and expand their operations with strict public health requirements on May 8. In addition, his goal is to allow restaurants to reopen in May, he said. The governor said he is listening to business leaders in that industry and argued it would not make sense for restaurants to reopen when people aren’t going out.

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Leaders look toward strong energy policy even during current crisis


In Arizona, our leaders and utilities have proven that they are prepared to step up to take care of consumers during this unprecedented crisis, while still looking ahead to the future by working toward a strong energy policy for the state that will modernize Arizona’s energy sector, drive economic development, and help repair some of the economic damage wrought by this novel virus. That is something for which all Arizonans can be proud.

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Why Arizona doesn’t force taxpayers to fund abortion

(Deposit Photos/Merion_Merion)

Two and a half weeks after Governor Doug Ducey funded the 211 hotline program in the midst of the coronavirus, a naturopathic medical student called for funding the 211 hotline program in the pages of this paper. Apparently, the hotline - which refers callers to a variety of services, including food banks, shelters and other generally available assistance - only counts if it includes referrals to abortion clinics.

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