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The McClarty House

The McClarty home on Central Avenue.

This Queen Anne-style home, large, but not a mansion, was typical of the residential housing that once lined downtown Phoenix, but was razed in the 1960s and 1970s, when the central city seemed to be suited for nothing better than parking.

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Phoenix Pioneers: The McClartys

The McClarty family is pictured in 1917.

Ida McClarty sits behind the wheel of a right-hand steering Buick with her dog and her father, George William McClarty, in this 1917 photograph, taken about the time of her graduation from Phoenix Union High School.

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Not so prime real estate: Closing a golf course brings tax penalties, angry homeowners

Robert “Doc” Graves, 83, referees on the Aguila Golf Course in Phoenix. (Cronkite News Photo by Kristen Hwang)

Thirty years ago, Robert “Doc” Graves glanced confidently at the white ball by his feet. Whack! The ball flew more than 300 yards, landing neatly on the green. Graves had four eagles that day and he set the course record at the Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course in Phoenix. Forty-nine strokes, 11 under par. Today it’s a trashy, weedy wasteland, the victim of demographic shifts, climate change and prohibitively expensive water bills.

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