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Lake stumps for South Dakota governor (access required)

They had waited in the heat in a line that wrapped around the block and now the excitement was palpable when South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem took the stage in a Scottsdale convention hall at an event that Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor in Arizona, hosted.

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Masters goes on attack in Senate debate  (access required)

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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters came out swinging in a debate last night against incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, but the hour-long debate ended without either candidate appearing to land a knockout blow against their opponent. 

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You can make a difference, bring back civility when you vote

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Arizona’s politics is so divisive that families tiptoe around the subject until they barely speak, old friends don’t connect because discussing what is going on in the world is off the table for comment, neighbors are careful not to say the word Republican or Democrat, and new acquaintances are welcome if they have your same political philosophy.

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