• Name ID, party domination spur uncontested races (access required)

    While most politicians have to battle their way to the Capitol, a small group of House and Senate candidates only need one vote each to win this November.

  • Leader emerges in LD2 Senate race

    Former legislator Jack Jackson, Jr. holds the early lead in the Democratic Senate primary in Legislative District 2, an expansive area in Northeast Arizona. Jackson, who is in the four-way Democratic primary for the seat now held by Albert Hale, has captured 3,665 votes so far, according to an early tally by the Secretary of [...]

  • IE groups spend more freely sans matching funds (access required)

    Rep. Adam Driggs, who is in a three-way Senate race for the Republican Party’s nomination in Legislative District 11, has received a huge boost from independent groups. But he’s not the only one.

  • Primary Matchups (access required)

    The national electoral climate has been portrayed as a battle by incumbents to keep their seats against a groundswell of anti-incumbency sentiment.

  • Current, former lawmakers banking on experience in Senate races (access required)

    District 2 With Window Rock Democrat Sen. Albert Hale facing term limits, the Senate seat in District 2 is up for grabs. Four people are running, all are Democrats, which means the primary winner will become the new senator. They are Sylvia Laughter, Jack Jackson Jr., Gloria Ann Hale-Showalter and Kee Allen Begay Jr. Begay [...]

  • 2010 election season comes into focus as flurry of candidates file

    The election season was heating up just as the sun was setting on May 26. Political challengers and incumbents hoping to lead Arizona next year rushed to submit their signatures to the Secretary of State to qualify for the ballot. The Arizona Capitol Times compiled the entire list of statewide and legislative candidates competing in the 2010 elections.