Associated General Contractors back 41 candidates

The Arizona Chapter of Associated General Contractors unveiled their list of 41 endorsements for the 2010 legislative election July 27.

The group backed 32 Republicans and nine Democrats; no candidates were endorsed in seven legislative districts.

Representing construction contractors throughout the state, the group said the candidates share its belief that infrastructure development and construction will contribute to an economic recovery in Arizona.

The group also characterized the candidates they endorsed as “dedicated to promoting smart and sustainable growth.”

David Martin, president of the Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors, said candidates had to complete a questionnaire, and completed follow-up interviews to determine whether they would receive an endorsement.

Achieving a balanced budget will continue to be a substantial challenge for the legislature, Martin said. So his group looked for candidates who said they would preserve tax revenues historically set aside for infrastructure projects. In recent years, those revenues have been used to offset the state’s budget deficit.

Here is the complete list of endorsements:

LD1:       Senate – Steve Pierce (R); House – Karen Fann (R), Andy Tobin (R)
LD4:       Senate – Tony Bouie (R); House – Jack Harper (R), Judy Burges (R)
LD5:       Senate – Bill Konopnicki (R)
LD6:       Senate – David Braswell (R); House – Amanda Reeve (R)
LD7:       Senate – Nancy Barto (R); House – Kristen Burroughs (R)
LD8:       Senate – Michele Reagan (R); House –John Kavanagh (R), Michael Blaire (R)
LD9:       Senate – Rick Murphy (R); House – Debbie Lesko (R)
LD10:     Senate – Linda Gray (R); House – Kimberly Yee (R), Jim Weiers (R)
LD11:     Senate – Adam Driggs (R); House – Eric West (R)
LD12:     Senate – John Nelson (R)
LD13:     House – Richard Miranda (D)
LD14:     Senate – Robert Meza (D); House – Chad Campbell (D)
LD15:     Senate – Kyrsten Sinema (D)
LD16:     Senate – Leah Landrum Taylor (D)
LD17:     Senate – Wendy Rogers (R)
LD19:     Senate – Rich Crandall (R); House – Kirk Adams (R)
LD20:     Senate – John McComish (R); House – Bob Robson (R), Rae Waters (D)
LD21:     Senate – Steve Yarbrough (R); House – J.D. Mesnard (R)
LD22:     Senate – Andy Biggs (R)
LD23:     Senate – Rebecca Rios (D)
LD24:     Senate – Amanda Aguirre (D); House – Russ Jones (R)
LD28:     House – Steve Farley (D)
LD30:     Senate– Marian McClure (R)

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