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At Willetta Partners Inc, our approach to problem solving begins with careful consultation with our client. From those discussions, we develop a range of options for achieving their goals. Oftentimes a problem can be solved administratively; in other circumstances, a change in law is required. Whatever course is chosen, Willetta Partners, Inc. is uniquely qualified to develop and execute a strategy that delivers results. Our staff is bipartisan as is our approach to problem solving, and our reputation for reliability, creativity and success is among the best in Arizona.
Fennemore Craig's government relations practice serves clients at all levels of state, county and municipal government as well as numerous state agencies in the following areas:
- Public Policy & Governmental Relations
- Strategy Development
- Regulatory Practice
- Tracking and Evaluation of Legislation
- Political and Election Law
- Planning, Zoning and Land Use
- Liquor Licensing
Cheyenne Walsh PLC is a Phoenix-based government relations firm focused on ethically achieving results. Cheyenne Walsh has the experience and relationships to assist clients in navigating issues at all levels of government in Arizona. She approaches each client's issues from a fresh perspective to ensure an advocacy strategy that can be successful. Her diverse background allows her a base of knowledge in nearly every major policy area, and she knows exactly how to find the details that matter. Her approach is grounded in knowledge and detailed understanding of an issue, and the ability to articulate that issue in the best light to policy makers. Communication is key- both with clients and with policymakers. She is principled, and integrity is the utmost importance.