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Matthew Cerra

Candidate for Arizona House in Legislative District 16
Phone: (231) 343-3191
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @VoteMattCerra
10545 E Dolphin Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208.

Age: 28. (b 05/05/84, Casa Grande, AZ).

Arizona since: Birth.

Occupation: Systems specialist, 1 year; academic adviser, Apollo Group, 2 years; addictions treatment counselor, CCA, 1.6 years; student instructor, King Chavez Parks College Day Program, 1 year.

Marital: Engaged (Tera).

Children: 1.

Religious preference: Did not respond.

Education: M.A., curriculum and instruction with ESL, Univ of Phoenix, 2010; M.A., adult education and training, Univ of Phoenix, 2009; B.A., sociology, MSU, 2006.

Political experience: Did not respond.

Memberships: Did not respond.

Interests: Working in my woodshop, model railroading, working/writing on my fantasy book series (“Empires Awakening” on Amazon), civil and infrastructure design, materials engineering studies, theoretical physics, astronomy, camping and hiking and researching renewable technologies.

Political influence: One of the most influential leaders politically would have to be Abraham Lincoln. When he led the U.S. during the Civil War, he had more fortitude to fight the hard battles than anyone today. He raised taxes to fund a war and infrastructure development, he instituted the draft to create an army of the Republic facing down mass protests in the process. He was not afraid to take steps to ensure the survival of the U.S. over the pettiness of the singular states in pursuing laws of inequality.

Job creation measures: I believe our two greatest focuses should be our education system and developing our infrastructure. We need to bring in new ideas and re-structure our education system to create the most skilled population of the world, and we need to create an environment where the foundation of our state is second to nowhere else on Earth.

Top Issues: I will focus on education innovation and reform and on infrastructure development. There is no greater task than providing a foundation for our future to develop from. Without ease of movement or a society of skilled and creative individuals, we will not be able to have the economy of tomorrow.

Prop 100 sales tax extension: I am reluctantly in favor. I would seek an alternative path to replace the sales tax as it takes money out of the hard working families who need it most. Also, the funds generated from the sales tax are being stolen for other uses – which needs to be stopped. As a state and as citizens we should understand that any missed opportunity to provide the best education available only sets up our future generations to be less competitive and more impoverished than the last.

Illegal immigration: I believe enforcement of current limitations on employment is important, and reforming the system for those coming in to the country. Immigration is supposed to be a federal responsibility, but I believe the state has some measures it is able to take that can be both understanding of the realities and reasons of immigration and enforce laws on those committing wrong.

Background & experience: I have lived through some of the toughest situations that our country can offer. I have seen the hurdles and hopelessness that the very poorest of America struggle with every day. I can honestly say that it is my task to not provide welfare, but to fight against hurdles in the way of people who can and would succeed if given the opportunity.

Pro-life / pro-choice: Abortion falls within the realm of personal choices – it is legal, and was very much none of anyone’s business but that of the woman until Social Darwinism came into being. I believe that the choice belongs to women to decide – people in America are allowed to make decisions others do not agree with.

One last thing: Voters should understand that I am a candidate that seeks to drop barriers to success. Investing in our citizens so they have the ingenuity and know-how to create the next iPhone or technology that will revolutionize our world demands work. I know far too many families who work hard every day to only never get ahead; these families want to see and know they will be successful if they keep working hard. As a legislator, I intend to make sure they can. Family values are built on a strong economy that allows families to grow.

Campaign Finance: public.

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