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Patricia Flickner

Candidate for Arizona House in Legislative District 15
Phone: (623) 203-4713
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @pflickner
4324 W Piute Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308.
Age: 54. (09/21/57, Compton, CA).

Arizona since: 1997.

Occupation: Currently an unemployed web and computer developer.

Marital: Married (Jeff, unemployed).

Children: 4.

Religious preference: Presbyterian.

Education: Bachelor’s, DeVry University, 2006 (I am the first person in my family to complete college).

Political experience: Campaign manager, Leigh Strickman, 2008; candidate, AZ Senate, 2010; core member, northern Phoenix team supporting Greg Stanton, 2011.

Memberships: Member, American Legion Auxiliary and WACVA; volunteer for Abandoned Mine Safety ( and Mission of Mercy (; deacon at my church.

Interests: Family, community service, animals (rescue animals in particular), computers (hardware and software – yes, I am a geek) and motorcycles.

Political influence: The most influential person in my political development is Don MacDonald, a dear friend who got me into politics (he told me to stop complaining and put my money where my mouth is) in 2007.

Job creation measures: Tax incentives for the true job creators – mom and pop businesses. Improve funding for public education.

Top Issues: Providing representation for the people; this is supposed to be, after all, a government for, by and of the people. Undoing Citizen’s United and removing ALEC from our legislature. Restoring funding to Planned Parenthood.

Prop 100 sales tax extension: I favor it only if we can’t get back the tax giveaways to “needy” billionaire corporations.

Illegal immigration: If you really want to undermine immigration, there are two ways: Do what Reagan did, which was to grant amnesty, and prosecute ALL corporations and companies that send for and hire these workers while restoring the old agriculture workers plan.

Background & experience: Nothing I have learned can prepare me to be a legislator any more than reading books can prepare someone for parenthood. It’s learn as you go.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I personally hate abortion, which is why I support Planned Parenthood as they are responsible for the drop in abortions since Roe v Wade.

One last thing: I am no politician. I run for office because I love Arizona and cannot stand by while it is destroyed bit by bit. I can promise that I will support only living, breathing human beings, not representatives of ALEC, corporations, or CAP.

Campaign finance: public.

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