Legislative District 28

Meyer, McGee to return as incumbents carry the day in LD 28

Democratic Rep. Eric Meyer will return to the Capitol after maintaining his solid lead over Republican challenger Shawnna Bolick in Phoenix’s Legislative District 28, where he has won three straight elections despite a 12 percentage point Republican voter registration advantage.

GOP targets Democrat Meyer — again — in moderate LD28

Democratic Rep. Eric Meyer is the Republican Party’s great white whale in the Arizona House of Representatives. For six years, he has eluded a string of Republican candidates and fended off their attacks, beating the odds in three straight elections to win a House seat in the Republican-leaning but defiantly moderate Legislative District 28.

Bolick, Brophy McGee prevail in LD28

In the two-way race for the Republican nomination for the second House seat in central Phoenix’s Legislative District 28, stalwart conservative Shawnna Bolick has beat out the more moderate Mary Hamway by 390 votes with all ballots counted in the district.

Every vote counts: Legislative primary races remain too close to call

If you think your vote can’t make a difference, think again. In three of Arizona’s legislative primary races, the difference between the winning and losing candidates is only a handful of votes.