Legislative District 9

Democrat Randall Friese retakes Lead over Republican Rep. Ethan Orr

Democrat Randall Friese has taken a 233-vote lead over Republican Rep. Ethan Orr in what has become a seesaw race for the second House seat in Tucson’s Legislative District 9.

Surgeon who helped save Giffords’ life challenges Republican Orr in Tucson’s LD9

In their quest to oust Republican Rep. Ethan Orr from one of the two House seats in the Democratic-leaning Legislative District 9, Tucson Democrats found their dream candidate in Randall Friese, a man with a bio that’s hard to criticize.

Lively District 9 debate raises question: Who would best serve Tucson?

The three candidates running for two House seats in Tucson’s Legislative District 9 clashed over education, abortion and guns Monday in the first debate that put both Democrats and the Republican in the same room.
Gov. Jan Brewer (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Tech group takes back $6,000 donation after Brewer supports Syfert

The Arizona Technology Council took its donation back from Gov. Jan Brewer’s political action committee after she used its cash to try to defeat a legislative candidate it supports.