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Pamela Durbin

Candidate for Arizona House in Legislative District 5
Phone: (928) 230-3143
Email: [email protected]
2968 Winterhaven Dr, Unit 101, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404.

Age: 58. (04/05/54, Seattle, WA).

Arizona since: 1999.

Occupation: President, small business owner, since 1992; Lake Havasu Appraisal, since 1999; Metropolitan Appraisal, 1992-2003..

Children: 2.

Religious preference: No response.

Education: Some College, no degree. Extensive continuing education related to residential real property appraisal.

Interests: Travel, reading, design, politics.

Political influence: Mr. Oxley, my high school contemporary problems instructor in 1972. This was the first year I could vote and the first year 18 year olds were able to vote in the United States. The instructor and the extensive subject matter of this class gained my attention and interest in the political system and taught me the impact of decisions made by representatives at all levels of government and the importance of maintaining an awareness of the issues and the actions or lack of actions taken by our representatives.

Job creation measures: Limited and targeted tax advantages for companies with the potential to expand and employ Arizona workers for extended periods at living wage salaries. Attention to infrastructure, tourism, education and small business.

Top Issues: Advancing the quality of education, including addressing the dropout rate and the ability of high school graduates to obtain higher education. Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to attracting business, both large and small, tourism and making Arizona a safe and attractive haven for students outside from all areas of the country, wishing to continue their education.

Prop 100 sales tax extension: Support, if the monies are directed by law to a specific purpose benefitting the citizens of Arizona.

Illegal immigration: This will be decided by the Supreme Court, and as an American, I will consider their decision binding and the law of the land.

Background & experience: Substantial managerial and business ownership experience. An excellent ability to problem solve and consider the “big picture” (affects decisions have on the present and future, who benefits, will the positives outweigh the negative, etc).

Pro-life / pro-choice: Safe, legal, rare.

Campaign finance: public.

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