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Steve Yarbrough

Candidate for Arizona Senate in Legislative District 17
Phone: (480) 897-1060
Email: [email protected]
1086 W Armstrong Way, Chandler, AZ 85286.

Name pronunciation: YAR-bro

Age: 64. (08/26/47, Las Cruces, NM).

Arizona since: 1963.

Occupation: Executive director, Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization, since 1998; attorney since 1972; student affairs administrator, ASU, 1971-1975; instructor, Mesa Community College, 1975-1977.

Marital: Married (Linda).

Children: 3.

Religious preference: Evangelical Christian.

Education: J.D., ASU, 1971; Bachelor’s degree, finance, ASU, 1968.

Political experience: Precinct committeeman; ran for Maricopa County Community College District Governing Bd.

Legis exp: Senate since 2011; House 2003-2010.

Memberships: Bd of dir, ASU Alumni Assn; Faith Community Church, Chandler; Kiwanis Club; Legislative Subcommittee, Domestic Relations Reform Study; State Bar of AZ; State Bar Assn Family Law Section; Valley Christian HS School Bd.

Political influence: Among notables, Barry Goldwater who created a conservative when I read his “Conscience of Conservative” when I was a junior at Phoenix Union High School. My parents were rugged examples of personal responsibility and compassion for their friends and family.

Job creation measures: Continue the path towards elimination of the business personal property tax and reduce the corporate income tax.

Top Issues: Continue my efforts to enact education and tax reform.

Prop 100 sales tax extension: I oppose it. Individuals are better suited to decide how to spend their hard earned money and doing so will help our economy grow.

Illegal immigration: Fairly and aggressively enforce the law including employer sanctions, human smuggling, and SB 1070 to the full extent that the U.S. Supreme Court may allow us to do so. Depending on how they rule, there may be a basis for other reasonable and appropriate legislation to deal with the consequences of illegal immigration. The federal government’s choosing to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration is not appropriate.

Background & experience: At this point my ten years of legislative service should speak for themselves. I’ve served on Ways & Means (H), Finance (S), Judiciary (H and S), Appropriations (H), Education (H), Commerce & Energy (S), and Ethics (H and S). I have also served in leadership (Speaker Pro Tempore) for two years. If I am not well prepared to serve now, I suppose I never will be.

Pro-life / pro-choice: I am profoundly pro-life. I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

One last thing: I believe my record for attendance and casting roll call votes over my ten years of service is the best of any member.

Campaign finance: private.

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