Hernandez, Lydia

Democrat – Legislative District 29 Senate

Phone: (602) 463-9900

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.lydiahernandez.com

Facebook: Lydia Hernandez

Address: 3607 N 51st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85031

Arizona since: 1994

Occupation: Legal assistant, federal immigration counselors, AZ, APC.

Marital: Married

Children: 3

Education: B.A., pre-law, political science, Baylor University, 1993.

Political experience: Cartwright Elementary School District Governing Board since 2003 (served as president, vice president and secretary); LD chair, 1st and 2nd vice chair, secretary.

Legis exp: House since 2013.

Interests: Developing civic engagement opportunities for our communities. My family and I volunteer on many local community issues within our neighborhoods. It is important for me to engage my kids on the issues around them. I enjoy CNN and political discourse shows, and I enjoy listening and learning about current national and local issues.

Two biggest issues: Education: Having served on a school board for many years and having been part of a critical effort of turning a district around under my leadership, with existing resources, has provided me with the experience that enables me to provide some much-needed insight to our legislative conversations. Jobs: My experience in working in construction enables me to have personal insight to small business development and the issues that impact our local and state economies.

Budget priorities: Education, health care, job development. The state needs to develop opportunities that will generate monies for the state and is good for the local economy. An opportunity for the creation of a driver license that will allow folks with legal status and work authorization the ability to obtain a simple driving privilege. This minor legislation would certainly impact the state economy generating income, while developing documentable mechanisms that will protect ensure public safety.

Fiscal philosophy: Moderate. While I understand the need to be conservative in spending, such as I am at home, I also understand the need for investment.

Common Core: Our educational system nationwide needs alignment. We need to develop a prepared workforce for Arizona and that means an investment in the education of our children at all levels. I believe that the new standards put the onus on students to learn, an improvement from how teaching is conducted now. Current pedagogical practices, wherein teaching is talking and learning is listening, do not adequately prepare students for the rigor of college or career. My service on the Cartwright Governing Board has provided me with the experience and first-hand insight on what public education needs.

Gifts to elected officials: I think that the lobbyist play a definite role in the political process, often bringing innovation and best practices as well as language clean up to current and or changing legislation, as well as the much needed industry experience. However, I still believe that transparency should be a part of the process. An infrastructure that is conducive to transparency in the whole political processes is needed.

Transparency in government: I have served my entire adult life as a public servant and as avid community volunteer, leading and organizing community efforts in order to bring information to my community. I have been an engaged stakeholder, and I believe that stakeholders need to be a part of public discourse. I firmly believe that the more people are involved, the better the solution and resolve.

Pro-life / pro-choice: Given that both the woman and the fetus are healthy and that the conception was not forced, I believe that under these circumstances abortion should not be an option. The freedom we have to make our own choices may be the most precious right we have, second only to the right to live.

Public policy advice: I take important decisions very seriously. I surround myself with community, community leaders, local and national colleagues and stakeholders. Over 20 years of in-depth political involvement has allowed me to develop relationships over the years that afford me the knowledge, experience and resources at my fingertips. I don’t make decisions without discussing it with the very people that it impacts.