Penalosa, Jose

Independent – Congressional District 7 U.S. House

Phone: (602) 254-0877

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Jose Penalosa

Twitter: @Penalosa4Az

Address: 55 E Lexington Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Age: 52. (03/03/62, San Diego, CA).

Arizona since: 1986

Occupation: Attorney, Penalosa & Associates, since 2003; attorney, Penalosa & Eslava-Grundwaldt, P.C., 2001-03; attorney, Jose Penalosa, 1993-2001; attorney, Friendly House, Inc., 1991-93.

Marital: Married

Children: 3

Education: J.D., ASU, 1989; B.A., political science, UCLA, 1986; A.A., general studies, Palomar College, 1983.

Political experience: U.S. congressional candidate, 2010.

Interests: Spending time with my wife and three daughters. We enjoy traveling, going to the movies, church, going out to eat, attending musical and dance concerts, running road races, and spending time on the beach.

Top priority: When I am elected to the Congress, my top priority will be to pass immigration reform that both secures the border and provides for legalization and a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented persons here in the U.S. I’ll seek an assignment on the House’s judiciary and homeland security committees, so that Arizona has a seat at the immigration reform table. I’ll take the initiative to unite Arizona’s congressional delegation to form the AZGroupof9. I will lead Arizona’s congressional delegation in forging a bi-partisan consensus and passing immigration reform that will both secure the border and provide relief for the 11 million undocumented immigrants. Immigration reform promotes family unity, economic development and educational opportunities for our children.

Initial legislation: As a member of Congress, my first piece of legislation that I will introduce will be an immigration reform bill that provides for legalization and a pathway to U.S. citizenship while concurrently providing the resources to secure both the southern and northern borders.

Federal deficit: I will first seek to reduce the federal deficit by working to trim and cut the corporate welfare programs administered by the Depts of Commerce, Transportation, Agriculture and Energy. Concurrently, I will advocate against pork barrel spending and earmarks.

Federal spending in AZ: I would direct funding towards the “common good” of the State of Arizona. The Central Arizona Project (“CAP”) would be that project. The CAP brought water to Arizona’s desert communities, which in turn brought folks here to live, start communities, families, and businesses. Arizona’s population growth is projected to continue to grow over the years. In order to sustain our communities here in Arizona, we must have the ability to capture and retain water for the common good. Federal money must be used to build more reservoirs and desalination plants here in Arizona, so that we have a sustainable supply of water to serve the next generations.

Respected opponent: I admire and respect General Colin Powell for his independence, character, and distinguished service to our country. His humble beginnings and ascension to the rank of General and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is remarkable. As Secretary of State, he served the nation well and was internationally respected for his leadership. Even after retirement from government service, General Powell has still maintained his presence in the community by way of his foundation.

Public policy advice: With regard to public policy issues, I seek the wisdom of my peers from the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy and the foundation’s distinguished leadership team. I also count on the support and perspective of my Valley Leadership, Hispanic Leadership, and Scottsdale Leadership classmates. Furthermore, I’ve learned from my Dreamer friends with regard to their perspectives pertaining to education, social issues, and immigration reform. Lastly, I count on the wisdom of my fellow attorneys with respect to advice for public policy issues as many of them work in different areas of the law that impact public policy.